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Terms of Use

Susie is wholly owned by UK Rentanet and at all times, right of use and ownership of the logo trademark device and all software, intellectual property and copyright material is and shall remain with UK Rentanet.

1. All users, enquirers and customers of the website owned by UK Rentanet and operated by shall protect the rights of the owners of the website from any liability expressed or implied arising out of the use, interpretation or application of the information contained within and available from time to time within the website.

2. The owners of the website reserve and retain the right to change, amend or vary at any time and without prior notice to users of the website, any and all information contained within the website and as necessary any terms and conditions applicable to any goods or services obtained as a result of having obtained information whether directly, indirectly or via a third party from the website.

3. We may terminate your account and remove your details from our website at any time for any reason should we decide that this is necessary. Details of such a decision will be made available to any customer who should request them. You may remove your details from our website upon application to prior to expiry of any contracted period of advertising by payment of a fee equivalent to an early termination charge deemed appropriate by or in any respect, not less than 50.00 for a single application.

4. The following types of companies are not allowed to participate in - companies involved with or encouraging illegal activity, discrimination, racism and sexual or religious services.

5. The website contains text and other information provided for your convenience which may contain errors, omissions, inaccuracies and outdated information. makes no claims as to the completeness, accuracy, or reliability of any information and shall not be liable for any such occurrences.

6. provides convenient links to third party websites which are not under the control of and you access them at your own risk.

7. The programming code used in the development, construction, use and maintenance of the website is the sole property of UK Rentanet and may not be changed, altered or varied in any way by any person or persons other than at the express instruction and direction of UK Rentanet.

8. Users acknowledge and agree that their website information (name, URL & traffic counts etc.) may be utilised by Possible uses include (but are not limited to) lists of busiest sites, lists of included sites and general promotional uses etc.

9. The owners of the web site cannot under any circumstances accept any responsibility for the interpretation, usefulness or otherwise, merchantability, quality, fitness for purpose, warranties expressed or implied, of the information available on the website or the service provided by it.

10. The owners of the website are not and will not be liable for damages or losses, direct or consequential, resulting from or arising out of the use of the website, including but not limited to any failure to provide service, suspension or interruption of service, termination for whatever reason of the service, or any loss of data contained within the service generally or otherwise available.

11. Upon early termination or expiry of any agreement relating to use of the services of the website or facilities of UK Rentanet which existed between the customer and the owners of the website during or as a result of the currency of the agreement, the customer shall cease to have rights to use, howsoever this may be interpreted by the owners of the website, pass off or claim any attachment to the technical capability, logos. trademarks and advertising slogans or script which are the property of the website or it's owners.

12. At the ultimate discretion of the owners of the web site, any data produced as a consequence of any or all visits to the web site collected or stored  for record purposes may be made available to any authorised officer of the law in the event that any individual or body seeks legal remedy in relation to the information and services  available by accessing the website. Any such disclosure shall not suggest or otherwise imply any knowledge or approval of any wrong doing on the part of the individuals or companies whose services are advertised on the website.

13. Contracts and agreements which are construed and or made between UK Rentanet which may also trade as and it's customers, shall be subject to U.K. and as appropriate, European law, in any event. Any conflict of legal interpretation incapable of agreement shall be resolved by judicial review.


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