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Mick Garratt

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About Brotherswater

Brotherswater is a small lake in the Hartsop valley in the eastern region of the English Lake District and is home to a trout population and harbours a rare species of fish, the schelly.

Once called Broad Water, it lies at the northern end of the Kirkstone Pass, affording picturesque views on the descent towards Patterdale.

To the north east of Brotherswater is the village of Hartsop, which has several 17th-century stone farm buildings and cottages. Some of the buildings still contain spinning rooms where villagers would have made their own clothing, selling any surplus in the local market towns.

The word Hartsop means "valley of the deer", which would have lived in the woodlands of the lower areas of the surrounding fells.

Brotherswater may be classified in either of two ways: as one of the Lake District's smallest lakes or one of its largest tarns.

Walking routes near Brotherswater


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