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Haweswater Reservoir Haweswater Reservoir Dun Bull  Hotel, Mardale 1935

Michael Graham

Trevor Rikard

Dun Bull Hotel, Mardale Green 1935


About Haweswater

Haweswater is a reservoir in the English Lake District, built in the valley of Mardale.

The controversial construction of the Haweswater dam started in 1929, after the UK Parliament passed an Act giving the Manchester Corporation permission to build the reservoir to supply water for the urban towns of north-west England.

At the time, there was public outcry about the decision, as the valley of Mardale was populated by the farming villages of Measand and Mardale Green.

The construction of the reservoir meant that these villages would be flooded and lost and the population would have to be moved.

In addition, the valley was considered one of the most picturesque in Westmorland and many people thought it should be left alone.

Prior to the valley being flooded in 1935, all the farms and dwellings of the villages of Mardale Green and Measand were demolished, as well as the centuries-old Dun Bull Hotel at Mardale Green.

The village church was dismantled and the stone used in constructing the reservoir Take Off Tower (see; all the bodies in the churchyard were exhumed and re-buried at Shap.

Today, when the water in the reservoir is low, the remains of the submerged village of Mardale Green can still be seen as stone walls and the village bridge become visible as the water level drops.

The Haweswater valley is the only place in England where golden eagles nest and there is an RSPB observation post in the valley of Riggindale, where the pair have their eyrie.

Walking routes near Haweswater


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