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Rydal Water

Rydal Water Rydal Water Rydal Water

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About Rydal Water 

Rydal Water is a small lake in the central region of the English Lake District located near the hamlet of Rydal, between Grasmere and Ambleside in the Rothay Valley.

The lake is 1290yd (1.18km) long and varies in width up to a maximum of 380yd (350m) with a maximum depth of 65ft (17m)

The lake is both drained and replenished by the river Brathay, flowing out of Grasmere upstream and into Windermere downstream.

Rydal Water is surrounded by numerous walks on the hills and fells, as well as a walk around the lake itself, which takes in Dove Cottage and Rydal Mount, both home to William Wordsworth

Nab Cottage overlooks the lake and it was once home to Thomas de Quincey and Hartley Coleridge, the son of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Walking routes near Rydal


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