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About Thirlmere

Thirlmere is a reservoir in the English Lake District with a dam at the northern end and is bordered on the eastern side by the A591 road and on the western side by a minor road.

Prior to the construction of the reservoir the site was occupied by two smaller lakes - Leathes Water and Wythburn Water.

The growth of the industrial city of Manchester during the 19th century had led to an increased demand for water so the water level was raised by construction of a dam by the Manchester Corporation at the northern end of Thirlmere, in 18901894.

The reservoir was then able to supply water to Manchester via the Thirlmere Aqueduct, approximately 100 miles long.

The name is sometimes also applied to the whole valley, which connects Grasmere in the south with the Vale of Keswick in the north.

The Helvellyn ridge lies to the east and to the west are a number of fells including Armboth Fell and Raven Crag both of which give views of the lake. 

Walking routes near Thirlmere


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