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Height: 442m (1,450ft) GPS: NY 38048 17558 Walking Routes

Glenridding Dodd is a fell in the Lake District, an outlier of the Helvellyn range in the Eastern Fells and looks down the upper reach of Ullswater.

Despite being a top on the eastern ridge of Sheffield Pike, Glenridding Dodd has sufficient prominence to rank as a separate fell.

Glenridding Dodd is separated from Sheffield Pike to the west by The Rake, a depression at 1,300 ft.

North of the fell is the little valley of Mossdale Beck beyond which Sheffield Pike's second eastern ridge falls through Glencoyne Wood to the lake. East of its summit, Glenridding Dodd itself falls steeply to Ullswater with considerable areas of outcropping rock.

The lower part of the slope is wooded, the name according to one reference being Stybarrow Oaks. The most striking feature is on the shore itself, the face of Stybarrow Crag appearing out of the trees and looming above the lakeside road. To the south of the fell are its namesake valley and village.

In pre-tourist times, the growth of Glenridding was based on the profitability of Greenside Mine from which lead and silver were won for around two hundred years. The remains of the surface works can still be seen on the slopes of Sheffield Pike.

Across Glenridding are the claw shaped end of Birkhouse Moor and Keldas, its delectable subsidiary top.

The top of Glenridding Dodd is an east west ridge, heather clad with rocky outcrops and the odd patch of bog.

A large cairn marks the summit at the western end and further cairns point to viewpoints for the lake and village. For a low fell the view is good, although Helvellyn is obscured by Birkhouse Moor.

Ascents can be made from Glenridding, or from the lakeshore by Stybarrow Crag.

There are no paths on the top of the fell except the ridge to Sheffield Pike and the easiest access is via the Rake, climbing from either side.

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