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Height: 616m (2,021ft) GPS: NY 12398 16379 Walking Routes

Great Borne is a fell in the English Lake District with a height of 616 m (2,021 ft). It is a rather secluded hill situated at the western end of the long ridge which divides the Ennerdale and Buttermere valleys.

Great Borne's southern slopes are of some interest, they fall away precipitously towards Ennerdale Water with steep crags and scree which are composed of pink granophyre rock which give these slopes a reddish tinge.

The outlying low summit of Bowness Knott (333 m (1,093 ft)) also lies to the south and is composed of Skiddaw Slate. It gives good views of Ennerdale Water and is an easy climb from the car park which lies at its foot.

Historians have also found evidence of an old (possibly Middle Ages) field system on the lower southern slopes of Great Borne below the crags and scree.

The northern flanks of the fell descend to the Floutern Pass, a pedestrian route between Ennerdale and Buttermere.

To the east Great Borne is connected to the neighbouring fell of Starling Dodd by a ridge, while the western slopes descend quickly to the low ground of the west Cumbrian plain.

The summit of the fell has two separate tops divided by a shallow valley, the south top is slightly higher and is marked by an Ordnance Survey trig point and a considerable wind shelter.

The northern top has a large cairn which is visible for miles around and gives extensive views of the Loweswater Fells. This large cairn is thought to be the boundary marker from which the fell takes its name.

Great Borne is usually climbed from the Ennerdale side of the fell, with the car park beneath Bowness Knott being the usual starting point. The route follows Rake Beck for a short distance and skirts the Herdus crags on the eastern side to gain the summit.

An ascent using the Floutern Pass is not recommended as the top of the pass is very boggy and the route rather circuitous.

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