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Height: 537m (2,575ft) GPS: NY 39682 25363 Walking Routes

Great Mell Fell is a hill in the Eastern Fells of the English Lake District and is a north-eastern outlier of the Helvellyn range, but, like its twin Little Mell Fell, is isolated from its fellows, standing in the middle of a flat plain.

Presenting a symmetrical domed profile from almost all aspects, Great Mell Fell conspires to appear almost artificial, akin to jelly turned out of a giant mould.

The hill lies on a low ridge, barely perceptible in places, which provides the connection between the Northern and Eastern Fells. This watershed runs from Bowscale Fell, across Eycott Hill to Great Mell Fell and then up the north eastern ridge of Great Dodd.

It forms the boundary between the Derwent/Cocker system in the west and the wide catchment of the Eden Valley.

To the north west of the fell is an old rifle range, now disused but still with some fittings in evidence. This was once a reason to declare Great Mell Fell strictly off limits, but this is not the case nowadays and the fell is free land. The National Trust currently owns the fell above the fenceline.

Great Mell Fell is extensively planted with Scots pines on the east and occasional trees dot the fell all around the base.

Near the summit are a few stunted larches, blown almost horizontal by the prevailing winds.

The summit bears a small cairn built on top of a mound. The Ordnance Survey maps identify this as a tumulus and it is believed to have been a Bronze Age burial mound.

Due to its isolation from higher ground, Great Mell Fell is a Marilyn and an excellent viewpoint.

The fell can be climbed most easily via a path from Brownrigg Farm to the south east and additional access can be gained through the old rifle range.

There is also a footpath which circles the base of the fell passing largely through woods and providing an enjoyable low level walk.

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