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Height: 405m (1,3295ft) GPS: NY 32630 09353 Walking Routes

Helm Crag is a fell in the Lake District situated in the Central Fells to the north of Grasmere.

Despite its low height it sits prominently at the end of a ridge and is easily seen from the village.

This, combined with the distinctive summit rocks which provide the alternative name 'The Lion and the Lamb', makes it one of the most recognised hills in the District.

A rocky ridge curves east and then south east from Calf Crag passing over Gibson Knott and the depression of Bracken Hause before ending at Helm Crag where it falls steeply on all sides.

To the north and east of the ridge is the Greenburn valley which joins the Rothay at Helm Side.

To the west and south is Easedale Beck which is also a feeder of the Rothay and the waters meet just north of Grasmere village.

Helm Crag is generally rough with particular features being High and Low Raven Crags on the eastern side and White Crag on the southern extremity.

The summit is unusual having two short parallel ridges running north west to south east with a hollow in between, the western ridge being the higher.

Some distance below the eastern ridge the scene is repeated as still keeping parallel, a third ridge, a ditch and parapet are all crossed before the crags are reached. The whole complex initially appears man-made but is entirely natural.

The summit commands views of the Langdale Pikes, Coniston Fells and Eastern Fells.

Helm Crag is normally ascended from Grasmere although it can be approached from either valley via Bracken Hause or along the ridge from Gibson Knott.

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