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Height: 780m (2,559ft) GPS: NY 44738 12577 Walking Routes

Kidsty Pike is a fell in the English Lake District standing to the west of Haweswater Reservoir. It is a subsidiary top of Rampsgill Head, but has long achieved the status of a separate fell, thanks to its classic peaked profile.

Two valleys run up westwards from Haweswater above what was the village of Mardale Green before the raising of the lake.

Riggindale is the southern arm and runs straight with a classic "U"-shaped profile while Randale starts north-westerly rising quickly before turning due west above approximately 1800 ft. Between these valleys is Kidsty Pike the east ridge of Rampsgill Head.

The northern flank falls at a shallow gradient over grass to the high gathering grounds of Randale. In contrast, the southern side of the ridge drops over crag and scree to Riggindale 1500 ft below.

The difference in slopes gives Kidsty Pike its appeal when viewed from Haweswater, or (for example) on the M6 motorway near Shap. From here, in profile the summit appears as an acute angled peak.

Rampsgill Head is only a short distance away but eastwards the ridge continues for about a mile dropping gently to Kidsty Howes above the lake. This rocky outcrop marks the final steep descent to the shore.

The only direct route of ascent is from the road end at Mardale Head. The lakeshore is followed to the ruins of Riggindale Farm which, like the other houses in the valley, was blown up by the Army as demolition practice while the waters rose. From here the old path up the ridge can be followed via Kidsty Howes.

The summit has a small cairn on grass immediately above the Riggindale face. The higher fells of the High Street range obscure much of the view although a section of Lakeland is visible across the Straits of Riggindale.

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