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Height: 550m (1,804ft) GPS: NY 28259 33711 Walking Routes

Meal Fell is a small fell in the northern region of the English Lake District situated seven kilometres south west of the village of Caldbeck and is one of the four main Uldale Fells (the others being Longlands Fell, Great Cockup and Great Sca Fell).

Meal fell reaches a height of 550 m (1,804 ft) and although it is largely grassy and smooth like the other Uldale Fells, it does have a stony summit with patches of scree.

Meal Fell is linked to Great Cockup to the west by the pass of Trusmadoor, a place described by Alfred Wainwright as the “Piccadilly of sheep in that locality” to the east Meal Fell is connected by a ridge to Great Sca Fell.

The view from the top of the fell is restricted inland by higher fells and the best prospect is north west towards the sea.

The fell is usually climbed directly from the minor road to the west of the Uldale Fells with the hamlets of Orthwaite and Longlands the favoured starting points.

Both of these walks approach the fell through the valleys although most walkers will climb Great Cockup first before arriving at Meal Fell and then go on to other fells in the area.

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