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Height: 461m (1,512ft) GPS: NY 30346 18757 Walking Routes

Raven Crag is a fell in the Lake District and acts as a superb vantage point for and backdrop to views across Thirlmere reservoir.

The fell is the high point on a 2 mile long spur running up the western shore of Thirlmere branching off from the main ridge of the central fells just east of High Tove.

Subsidiary tops include The Benn (also known as Benn Man, 1,463 ft) and Castle Crag (1,381 ft), the site of an iron-age settlement. The ridge has been extensively planted with conifers as part of the Thirlmere Forest and the face of Raven Crag appears as a lone oasis of naked rock amid the trees.

Raven Crag is bordered to the west by the long valley of Shoulthwaite Gill, a tributary of the River Greta.

To the north, the ridge drops to a depression crossed by the Keswick to Ambleside road, before climbing again onto High Rigg.

The highest point is an outcrop of rock with a small cairn partially screened by conifers.

The view from the summit is limited by the trees, but the eastward panorama opens up from the brink of the crag itself to an aerial view of the Thirlmere dam. The reservoir is also seen end on to the south.

The Benn and Castle Crag provide a close-up view of Raven Crag from the north.

The main face of the fell stands over Thirlmere Dam and appears from there as a sheer 500 ft crag, the higher fells behind being hidden by the ridge.

Raven Crag is most commonly climbed from the dam via a steep way marked path through the forestry. This ends with made paths and some short sections of boardwalk.

The ridge between Raven Crag and High Tove can also be gained from Armboth or an ascent can be made from 'behind' via Shoulthwaite.

This can include visits to The Benn and the earth ramparts of Castle Crag.

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