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Height: 819m (2,687ft) GPS: NY 15757 11678 Walking Routes

Steeple is situated in the mountainous area between Ennerdale and Wasdale and reaches a height of 819 metres (2687 feet).

It is really part of Scoat Fell, being just the rocky northern projection of that fell, however, because of its prominent peak and steep crags it has earned the reputation of being a separate fell.

Steeple’s close proximity to Scoat Fell robs it of being one the best fells in the area as the two fells are linked by the Steeple aręte with a lowest height of 798 metres.

The arete is stony and loose underfoot due to erosion and it is better to stick to the firmer rock along the crest.

Scoat Fell is only 22 metres higher than Steeple but the short distance between them means that the higher dominates the lower significantly.

Steeple can be ascended from Wasdale or Ennerdale but it is usually climbed in conjunction with other nearby fells such as Pillar, Scoat Fell and Red Pike as part of the Mosedale Horseshoe walk.

It can be climbed directly from Ennerdale by a public footpath that leaves the valley at grid reference NY151138 and goes south through the forest to reach the open fell and climbs the north ridge of Steeple to reach the summit.

The top of the fell is a sharp peak with hardly room for a cairn, in fact there is only room for a few people and often there is a queue to stand at the highest point.

The ground falls away sharply on all sides especially to Windgap Cove to the east.

The view is limited by higher fells to the south and east but there is an excellent view of Ennerdale Water and an opportunity to examine the nearby cliffs and hollows of Mirk and Mirklin Coves.

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