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Height: 789m (2,589ft) GPS: NY 33568 19560 Walking Routes

Watson's Dodd is a fell in the English Lake District and forms part of the Helvellyn range in the Eastern Fells. This chain of hills runs north-south and, in the vicinity of Watson's Dodd, forms the watershed between the Thirlmere and Ullswater catchments.

Taller neighbours overlook Watson's Dodd from either side, to south east is Stybarrow Dodd while Great Dodd rises to the north.

The fell occupies a bend in the ridge formed by the head of Deepdale on the eastern side, while the western side is a broad grassy flank, difficult to describe as a ridge, falling to the foot of Thirlmere at Legburnthwaite.

This is bounded by Stanah Gill to the south and Mill Gill to the north. Rougher ground breaks out as the slope increases at around 1,500 ft. culminating the fell's chief glory Castle Rock(1,112 ft).

Castle Rock on Ordnance Survey maps is also known as The Castle Rock of Triermain and is an impressive crag overlooking the Vale of St John, north of Thirlmere. It was referred to by Walter Scott as the setting for his poem The Bridal of Triermain, hence the longer romantic name.

Jutting out from the hillside it provides faces on three sides although the top can easily be reached from 'behind'. The castle-like profile is made still more picturesque by a garland of mixed woodland around the lower slopes.

The summit of Watsons's Dodd is triangular in plan and clad in grass. A small cairn marks the top, toward the western edge.

Fine views of the Lakeland fells are available in all directions, other than where masked by near neighbours.

The ridges north and south are marked by clear paths, although the main trod bypasses the summit to the east.

The obvious routes of ascent begin at Legburthwaite and pass around Castle Rock either to north or south.

Mill Gill then offers one alternative, or a bee-line can be made up the trackless breast of the fell.

Access to the fell from the east is usually accomplished via Great Dodd or Stybarrow Dodd, rather than by climbing direct out of Deepdale.

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